Charity NFT Contest for Purity!

GoaDAO and UniqArt invites every visual and audio artist to our Charity NFT-Contest for PURITY!

Imagine how clean the environment around us can be — bus stations, streets, markets, rivers, beaches — and how we can enjoy the Purity of India. Bring your attention to this feeling and create a piece of art to enlarge it.

⏱ Submissions start: 2nd June — 12 June

Up to 90% from sold NFTs will be directed to Clean Up Around You (Global Environmental Movement

Let’s gather and create the history of clean India in Web3!

How to Participate

  1. Connect your near wallet to (if you don’t have a wallet and you want to create it — click here)
  2. Create your NFT — it can be any type of art any size you like (full guide is here)
    - insert “Purity” to the name
    - fill description with your wishes for a cleaner India/Earth, or ideas about how your artwork can be reflected on purity of india — [probably it will be good to print as a note in public area, or to show to children as a tutorial]
  3. Make minimum 2 copies of each NFT (you can make as much as you want!) with minimum 10% royalties to clean_india.near; and maximum 10% royalties to yourself (the minter)
    - mint 1 copy to clean_india.near and the rest to yourself with a price 1N
    - post the link of your NFTs on Twitter / Instagram using the hashtags #cleanindia #purity
  4. Tag and follow @uniqart and @near.goa.dao on Instagram and Twitter


I. Most Sales
💰 25 N
will be distributed to Winners who has sold the most NFTs!
(GoaDAO will buy NFTs from clean_india.near)

II. Most Likes
💰 3N for 3 most voted NFT by likes on the UniqArt Marketplace

III. Best Buyer Award
💰 5N
reward for the buyer with the most NFTs!


2.06–12.06 — Artwork submission
13.06–17.06 — Voting and buying NFTs
19.06 — Metaverse Awarding Party

EDIT: NFT Charity Contest for Purity (Clean_India) entries extended till 18th Jun!

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Thank you for being a part of the Clean India — Purity initiative! Good luck to all the participants :) 👍

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