How to Create a NEAR Wallet

To use the platform or any other NEAR blockchain-based project, users have to connect their NEAR wallet to gain access and execute transactions.

Step 1: Go to and click on “Create Account”

Step 2: Get started by choosing a security method

Here, you will be given options to select a method to secure and recover your account.

  • Secure Passphrase: You will have to save the 12-word uniquely generated passphrase for recovery (most secure)
  • Email: You will receive a verification code and recovery link on your desired email (most convenient)
  • Ledger Hardware Wallet: Only for Ledger hardware device

Step 3: Secure your account by setting up your passphrase

Copy the 12 randomly generated words and save it in a safe place. Anyone with access to this passphrase will also have access to your account!

(Alternate option: Select ‘Email’ and fill in your ID. You shall receive a mail with a verification code and a recovery link)

Step 4: Verify your passphrase by answering the question to complete setup

Step 5: Fund your account using MoonPay or by sending 0.1 NEAR to the your given wallet address

The easiest way to activate your wallet is by sending 0.1 NEAR to your one-time funding address through any cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance, Huobi, FTX, CoinDCX, etc. (check out “How to Buy NEAR”)

Step 6: Your NEAR wallet setup is complete!

After the 0.1 NEAR transaction goes through, you will be asked to set a username for your wallet and you’re done!

(Check out a detailed explanation on How to Create a NEAR Wallet on Arts & Crypto)

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