How to Mint/Sell an NFT on UniqArt — A Step-by-Step Guide Main Page

We’re pleased to announce the launch of UniqArt’s Mainnet at!💥

Here’s some information on how to mint your first NFT on The Artist’s Marketplace:

(Check out How to Mint/Sell an NFT on UniqArt here-

Minting your NFT

To gain access to the website and all its features, users have to first connect their NEAR wallet.

(If you don’t have a NEAR wallet, check out this article by Arts & Crypto: How to Create a NEAR Wallet)


1– Click on “Connect Wallet” on the top right-hand corner to link your NEAR wallet to UniqArt’s NFT Marketplace

You will be asked to accept a Network Fee Allowance of 0.25 NEAR. This will NOT be charged, it is only a permission granted to use the blockchain. (Will work if you have 0 NEAR as well)

Once connected, you can see your profile picture in the top right-hand corner

2– Click on “Create” to open the Create Collection page

On this page, you’ll have the option to Create New Collection

3– Fill up details for your new collection

  • Logo
  • Title
  • Description

Click on Create to open the “Create NFT” page

(Example: mountainpoet.near minting the Sad Very Sad collection)

4– Fill up details for your NFT

(Click and zoom for higher quality)\
  • Royalties (optional)
    Click on Add Royalty by adding a NEAR wallet address, 0–20%/recurring sale (You can also add multiple royalties, up to 20 unique wallet addresses)
  • Unlockable Content (optional)
    Creators have the option to add an unlockable to their NFT sale for the buyer! Add a link to an uploaded file or send a special message for your buyers with this option. (This could be anything like tickets to future concerts, merchandise, HQ files, music stems links, etc)
  • Add the number of copies you’d like to mint of your NFT
    (If you’re minting one unique NFT, please select 1 and click “Create NFT”)

5– Confirm NFT creation

(Click and zoom for higher quality)

Click on Confirm to mint your NFT

After getting redirected to a transaction page, you shall be charged 0.01 NEAR to approve minting Approve Transaction page

(Note: You will be refunded the amount not being used for storage after the transaction, check “Recent Activity” on

Your NFT is now minted!

NFT Token Page

Selling your NFT

1– Register to Sell on Marketplace

After minting your NFT, it’s now time to register it on the marketplace for sale.

Get started by clicking on “Register with Market to Sell”

You shall be charged 0.1 NEAR as storage fees, with which ~10–11 unique NFTs can be minted!

Click “Confirm”

Click “Approve Approve Transaction page

2– Set Price and Sell on Marketplace

Entire the price you’d like to sell your NFT for (in NEAR)
(Check the current price of NEAR here)

Setting a price of 0.5 NEAR
Approve transaction of 1 yoctonear (10^-24 NEAR)

Congrats! Your NFT is now up for sale!🏆

Buyers on the marketplace can either Buy the NFT for a Fixed Price or Give an Offer.

Offers will be shown in the Offers tab

Click “Accept” to get the amount transferred for your sale to your NEAR wallet at any time. (Note: only buyers can cancel their offers)

Check out How to Mint/Sell an NFT on UniqArt here —

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