UniqArt Official Roadmap Q1/Q2

Q1/Q2 Roadmap — UniqArt

Introducing the official roadmap of The Artist’s NFT Marketplace — UniqArt.

Our decentralized platform allows you to connect with a growing community of collectors, buyers and sellers, and not to mention, fellow creators all around the globe.

UniqArt’s mission is three-fold:

1- To spread awareness by educating creators about the opportunities NFT’s bring

2- To support and guide artists by providing them with a seamless onboarding experience

3- To build a community of artists by encouraging indie creators to be a part of the Web3 revolution

No Artist should get left behind.

To achieve this we have created a plan for the next 2 quarters, showcasing various projects that are in the works.

Q1 2022

· NFT Marketplace Launch — Official launch of The Artist’s Marketplace https://uniqart.io

· UniqArt Originals — WavPunks Collection Launch — A Series of 100 handmade digital musicians that live on the NEAR blockchain. Collection 1:1 x 100

· Custom Onboarding Solution — A professionally curated step-by-step onboarding solution for Artists getting into the NFT space

· Profile Avatar NFT — Custom Profile Picture NFT’s for special creators & collectors.

· Profile Customization — Multiple Social Link embeds, video/music embeds, user control over customization of creator/collector profiles.

· Prestige System — Introducing a ranking system on the UniqArt website for users. Each rank will allow special access to NFT’s, free giveaways, tickets to virtual concerts and more. (Coming Soon)

· Video/Music/Picture NFT Support — All types of content can be minted into an NFT on the NEAR Protocol.

· Wishlist Program — Adding a feature that allows users to add NFT’s to the wishlist. A lucky few might receive the NFT’s for free in their wallets in events and giveaways.

· Favourite Artist Program — Feature that allows fans to vote for their favourite creators on UniqArt. Artists will drop a NFT in their wallets for the top fan for free.

· Airdrop Program — Multiple NFT Airdrops to grow the community and get more people involved.

· Educational Series Launch — Video series explaining Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies and related topics through easy-to-understand educational videos.

· Interview Sessions with Artists — Exclusive interviews with creators on the UniqArt marketplace.

· Exclusive NFT Launch with Popular Punjabi Artist (name will be announced soon)

· Exclusive NFT Launch with Popular Travel Vlogger (collaboration with indie singer-songwriter, names will be announced soon)

Q2 2022

· Unlockables — Introducing a feature to the website that grants special users (based on rank) access to unlockable attributes and benefits attached to the NFT; like physical assets, tickets, merchandise, exclusive content.

· Influencer Program — Collaborations with multiple social media influencers.

· NFT Launch with Multiple Indie Bands — Exclusive launch of singles and albums (1x1000) of Music NFTs.

· NFT Launch with Popular Artists — Exclusive launch of physical assets like merch, tickets, posters, unseen footage, meet & greet and much more.

· Artist Meetup — Collaborative meetup for creators in the metaverse/virtual servers. Supporting artists by helping them understand the unlimited possibilities of the space and how they can continue to grow.

· Podcast Launch — Official UniqArt podcast launch covering education, artist interviews, exclusive NFT drops/giveaways, special guest speaker sessions and more.

· Crowdfunding Program — Introducing a decentralized crowdfunding program to the UniqArt website where users can set up their own customized program without any third party taking a cut.

· UniqArt Exclusive Audio NFT Album Launch — To end Q2, UniqArt’s original artists will launch an NFT album in the Metaverse.

Follow us on:

Twitter — @uniqartnft

Instagram — instagram.com/uniqart.io

Discord — https://discord.gg/5EChqg8X

Medium — @UniqArt

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