UniqArt’s Solution to the Blockchain Scalability Problem for Artists

In the midst of the ever-increasing number of cryptocurrencies, one of the biggest issues most of them still face is scalability.

The scalability of a cryptocurrency refers to its ability to accommodate an increasing number of blockchain transactions at a time.

At UniQart, we ensure users access to an easy-to-use, seamless interface where they can create NFTs without any hassle. Since our Artist’s Marketplace runs on the NEAR Protocol, the cost to run your own artwork store on our platform is highly affordable, and fast!

What is the problem with listing NFTs on existing platforms?

Currently, it costs 248 gwei, on average, to complete a payment on an existing blockchain to validate a transaction (this number has gone as high as 4000+ gwei)

By paying gas fees in gwei, users compensate the computing energy required to process and validate the blockchain transactions needed to run their NFT store.

For an artist minting an NFT and running their NFT store, it would be 10,000–100,000x cheaper to do so on UniqArt, as compared to the current options available.

Read more about the solution on UniqArt ☓ NEAR Protocol

Other issues

Using NEAR tokens on UniqArt make problems like slow transaction speeds and unreadable addresses go away, along with other benefits as well!

•NEAR has implemented sharding to solve the high demand of transactions, which ultimately leads to quick minting, buying, and selling of NFTs.

Sharding is the process of partitioning the network into fragments to reduce computational load

  • To deposit or withdraw crypto from wallets on some other networks, an unreadable, alphanumeric address is required. NEAR wallets use readable addresses that just make the process much easier!

Here is an example of a wallet address being used currently

Not too easy to read and type out now, is it?

Here is a wallet address on the NEAR Protocol

A wallet address on UniqArt

Where to buy NEAR?

To get involved with dApps on the NEAR protocol, one has to get NEAR tokens.

The easiest way to get NEAR tokens is by buying it with MoonPay on wallet.near.org, or on cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Binance, WazirX, Huobi and Gemini.

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The Artist's NFT Marketplace.

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The Artist's NFT Marketplace.

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